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Agent Agenda


3 Pricing Strategies You Need To Know Now

Have you ever heard the expression, “Appraisers are historians, real estate agents are fortune tellers?” Yep, we are fortune tellers. So why are we continuing to establish pricing just on historical data? In the class, you will be introduced to the four pieces of data needed to find that perfect pricing spot AND be given the formula to create a pricing strategy…not just find a price. The benefit to you is a pricing structure that helps you feel confident in your recommendations…no matter the market.

Be The Expert and Get More Transactions

How’s the Market?  We get this question every day and how you answer it may determine whether you convert a lead or not.  In a rapidly evolving market buyers and sellers are looking for the information they need to make confident decisions about their real estate needs. Position yourself as a local source of knowledge with the latest market stats, and tips on how to translate national data to your community.

How To Build A Rockstar Team

Have you ever wondered about building a team but don't really know where to start? Hear from your peers that have done it. You will discover how they started, the mistakes to avoid, and their secret hacks for building quickly.

Want to Become A Listing Machine with Greg Harrelson

Learn the secrets of agents who are taking 14+ listings per month...every month... organically without a marketing budget. Greg Harrelson will give you the tips necessary to start taking listings in today’s market. It’s more simple than you think...

Objection Handling Throwdown

This will be fun. First, discover the formula for overcoming ALL of those dreaded objections. Next, get to throw any objection to a panel of your peers and hear how what they would say. Make sure to bring a list of those objections!

Secrets To Finding Inventory

Regardless of the market, listings rule. But when a market is tight finding them can become a struggle. BUT have you noticed some agents continue to get listings? What's their secret? In this class, you will discover the top 5 ways to get your fair share of listings.

Leveraging Your Transactions to Get More Business

How does one transaction generate three closings? That’s alchemy and it takes strategy. An industry expert will walk us through the process of leveraging one transaction to get more.

12 Mindsets of Great Listing Agents

Have you wondered how some agents seem to get listings so easily? Years of research has found that successful listing agents have a mindset about listings that other agents simply don’t have--12 in fact.  In this course, we list each mindset and identify the change you can make to create these thought processes that will build a stronger business.

Your Name in Lights: Using Video To Promote Your Business

Stop making excuses and start making videos! Incorporating video into your online marketing can boost your lead generation efforts. In this session, you'll dive into pre-production, production and post production best practices to optimizing your videos.

Stop Posting Start Prospecting on Instragram

Are you posting on Instagram, but not seeing any real results? Shannon Mangin from Austin, TX shares her journey on how Instagram became her largest source of business without spending money on paid ads.  You will learn the secrets to attract the right audience, start conversations, and set appointments (while having fun!).

Deliver extraordinary customer experiences with the CENTURY 21 TRACKER™

Whether clients are buying or selling a home, C21 agents are here to make their real estate journey as simple as possible. The new app provides clients with up-to-date agent communication during their real estate transaction at a moment’s notice.
Participants in this class will learn more about:
• An overview of the C21 Tracker
• How to get started, and what’s ahead
• List resources for ongoing affiliate feedback

Prerequisite: Best suited for affiliates new to C21 Tracker

Maximize your productivity with 21Online

Designed by agents, for agents, the 21Online portal is the premiere gateway to access all of Century21’s best-in-class tools—all from one place. Personalized and tailor fit, get up-to-the-minute content and marketing platforms that accelerate your business goals.
Participants will learn more about:
• 21Online essentials and how to get started
• How to utilize 21Online to increase your business
• The latest 21Online improvements, and what’s ahead
• List resources for ongoing affiliate feedback

Prerequisite: Best suited for affiliates who utilize and are looking for updated 21Online information

Increase productivity with fully automated and integrated marketing tools

MoxiImpress, by MoxiWorks, helps agents automate the marketing of their listings, reaching more people, building stronger relationships with their clients, and in turn—driving more business. Second-to-none, MoxiPresent is proven to increase transactions for agents by more than 77%.

Participants will learn more:

• MoxiPresent and MoxiImpress overviews
• How to generate leads, and win more listings
• How to build engaging listing presentations
• How to navigate the agent dashboard, and manage contacts

Prerequisite: Best suited for affiliates interested in learning MoxiPresent and MoxiImpress