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3 Pricing Strategies You Need To Know Now

Have you ever heard the expression, “Appraisers are historians, real estate agents are fortune tellers?” Yep, we are fortune tellers. So why are we continuing to establish pricing just on historical data? In the class, you will be introduced to the four pieces of data needed to find that perfect pricing spot AND be given the formula to create a pricing strategy…not just find a price. The benefit to you is a pricing structure that helps you feel confident in your recommendations…no matter the market.

How to earn $100K in Q2

Rewire your mind, simplify your business, and put a Big A$$ Smile on your face 🙂

Be The Expert and Get More Transactions

How’s the Market?  We get this question every day and how you answer it may determine whether you convert a lead or not.  In a rapidly evolving market buyers and sellers are looking for the information they need to make confident decisions about their real estate needs. Position yourself as a local source of knowledge with the latest market stats, and tips on how to translate national data to your community.

MASTERMIND: Commercial Listings - Untapped Lead Sources

Join in on an experience that is designed with one purpose in mind: To help C21 Commercial Agents network and brainstorm on “where to find listings". We've learned that everyone needs to prospect, how to create a listing presentations and OMs, and closing the deals for your clients. In this session we’ll brainstorm and discuss best practices on where to find the listings.  We will share these as a group while generating new ideas. You will leave this interactive experience with new friendships and best practices to help grow your pipeline with fresh and productive ideas.

Secrets To Finding Inventory

Regardless of the market, listings rule. But when a market is tight finding them can become a struggle. BUT have you noticed some agents continue to get listings? What's their secret? In this class, you will discover the top 5 ways to get your fair share of listings.

Owning Your Value

The best agents know they can’t just PROPOSE value—they have to OWN it! When an agent owns value, their competitive edge is a differentiator that wins business. Agents will deep dive into their value and discover techniques to articulate and demonstrate that value in all situations.

Expanding and Maximixing Your Sphere

Real Estate has been moving FAST! So fast in fact that we may need to reconnect with the people who know and love us. Take a moment to revisit the basics through tactics and tools to help you tap into your sphere as a vital source of leads NOW.

Three Ways Your Brain is Sabotaging You (and Three Strategies to Stop It!)

Change can be a catalyst to success, but why does it make us so uncomfortable? Even if we know the change is for the better, sometimes our brains are our own worst enemy. Take a look behind the curtain to learn how our brains work and take steps to manage a mindset that supports our success.


What is the sales flow and how do you use it? This one-hour session will cover the following: making an e-blast for your clients, dashboard overview, category wizard, groups, campaigns and best practices for agents. 10-15 mins for questions


How to create custom searches on your agent website. Create landing pages for properties. Domain set up and ensuring website is indexed on the web. Testimonials


Overview of each module of MoxiWorks. Learn best practices for each and see examples of MoxiWorks final products including presentations, websites, flyers, campaigns, and more.

Serving Those Who Serve: Working with Military Homebuyers

Looking for a stable lead source in an unpredictable market? Learn how International Hall of Fame winner Lisa Myers of Century 21 Collective made a name for herself in the Military market and discover best practices for working with VA buyers.

Lead Gen Mastermind

Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and troubleshooting session focused on leag generation startegies in today's market. You will take a list of ideas to immediately implement in your business.

Pipeline to Goldmine

When you think of leads, you may think of the infinite opportunities to generate new leads and drive them to your Sphere. However, infinite lead generation can breed a false sense of confidence. The reality is that the number of people who will actually buy or sell property in YOUR market is finite, and if you don’t have systems in place to get their business, another agent will. In this course, you’ll discover strategies and techniques that will help you win the race to face-to-face to get the business!

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